Thursday, March 10, 2016

This Saturday, March 12th, 1:00 PM - Wahkiakum Students' Art and Science Exhibit Opening at the River Life Interpretive Center at Redmen Hall

This Saturday, March 12th at 1:00 pm, The Wahkiakum Students' Art and Science Exhibit opens! This exhibit will run through Sunday April 10th.

Original art work from Mary Moonen’s elementary school students, Tina Merz’s middle school students and Sue Garn’s high school students will be featured.

A combination of art and science projects from Kyle Hurley’s Ag Science class will also be on exhibit. 

On Saturday March 26th, we will be hosting the “Battle of the Robots” presented by Ron Wright’s 4-H Robotics Club, Jeff Pillar’s 8th grade robotics class and Jeff Rooklidge’s high school robotics class. This is a special one day only event from 1-3 P.M. Both the 4-H club and the high school robotics class have competed in district robotics tournaments. The high school team made it to state competitions in the past. All robots are assembled and programmed by the students. This should make for an exciting time!

The River Life Interpretive Center at Redmen Hall is located at 1394 W. SR 4 in Skamokawa, WA. The Hall is open Thursday through Sunday from 12-4 P.M.

For more information call 360-795-8675 email: or go to our website:


  1. Fully enjoyable! Next month there are some art and science events at many event space NYC. Really want to attend those events. My daughter lives in NYC and she is going to participate in couple of events, so planning to visit there to see her performance.

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