Monday, April 2, 2012

New Exhibit opens Saturday, April 14th

The Friends of Skamokawa will open its new exhibit, Legacy of the Columbia River Fishery, Saturday April 14 at 1 p.m. at the River Life Interpretive Center, Redmen Hall, 1394 State Route 4, Skamokawa, WA. 98647. Funded by the Wahkiakum Marine Resources Committee, the exhibit examines the traditions of the Columbia River commercial fishery and Native American fisheries through photographs, salmon labels and text. Boatbuilding, traditional tools, fish processing, and ethnic traditions are all featured on colorful panels containing original art by Keith Hoofnagle and text by author Irene Martin.

“This exhibit was such a pleasure to work on,” stated Martin. “The vast archives of illustrative material contained in private collections and in museums such as the Columbia River Maritime Museum provided an incredible resource. We are also very grateful for the photographs of upriver treaty tribal fisheries that expanded the scope of the exhibit and demonstrated the rich cultural heritage of the fishing peoples of the Columbia River .”

"Since I only recently moved to Skamokawa," Keith Hoofnagle said, "working on this exhibit has been a superb introduction to the story of the vast fishery that has been central to the human history of the area. The vintage photos and other graphics that Irene Martin has assembled, many never published before, are gems that augment the text, and make this a dream project for any exhibit-designer." Hoofnagle worked on numerous exhibits during his career with the National Park Service. He is a well-known cartoonist and artist.

The exhibit will run through May 6 at Redmen Hall and will then travel to various other venues.