Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Art of Patrick Carrico

"My vivid impression of adulthood as a child was a looming indoctrination into a world of irritated servitude"

Artist Patrick Carrico showed his works earlier this year at the hall. His "day job", involves working in Cathlamet schools as a therapist for children at risk. A Cathlamet, Washington based artist, his work incorporates "found art supplies. He builds his palette from found building materials, cast off house paint and traditional "fine art' media to attempt to create a sincere visualization of the world around him – as it is from what it is.”
Carrico has published several works of fiction, made films and worked with bands. He has exhibited in Philadelphia, Portland and many smaller towns where he traveled and eked out a living over the years. His film: The Coatroom (2005 - Untitled Productions) won numerous awards and showed at film festival around the country.

Artist: Patrick Carrico

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